About Troodle
Troodle was begun in 2004 by LSP.net and has been steadily expanded and optimized. Usage is free for everyone.
Troodle finds language tools in the internet.
There is a multitude of dictionaries, glossaries, and encyclopedias on the internet which contain vocabulary for special subject areas. Finding these language tools in the internet can be difficult or cost a lot of time. Save time and search with Troodle! With Troodle, you'll find interesting and unique language sites on the internet. Most notably, Troodle indicates mono- and multi-language dictionaries, glossaries, and encyclopedias. You can also find text translation tools (direct translators) with Troodle.
How does Troodle work?
Troodle saves the internet address of the language tools in an on-line database. Employees at zappmedia then match the language tools with the respective languages and subject areas. With Troodle, you can search through this database and quickly find subject specific and exacting foreign language tools. For up to date search results, the Troodle Spider, a small software, takes care of visiting indexed internet addresses at regular intervals and verifies them when accessible.
The Troodle Community
Troodle is free for everyone now and always. The searching, indexing, and cataloging of sites is very time consuming. Therefore, we depend on the help of our users. Are you operating an interesting language tool website or have you discovered one? Contribute to the Troodle Community by suggesting its inclusion in the Troodle index: Suggest a language website The Troodle team is happy to receive all suggestions for improvement as well as any constructive criticism from the community:
The Troodle team wishes you fun searching and finding!
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